forensic accounting investigations


i am in, or nearing, financial distress
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financial problems in my business

Fervor’s experience in forensic accounting can help you identify major issues

Forensic accounting is used to uncover complex issues within a company’s finances. It requires considerable experience and skill in accounting to follow the trails to rectify the problem.

The team at Fervor are experienced accountants and researchers and can carry out a forensic accounting analysis of your business if you suspect you have a problem.

Fraud is often very well hidden and requires excellent skills to discover it. Forensic accounting requires accounting, auditing and investigative skills and the team at Fervor have the experience and qualifications to deal with all of these aspects.

Once our investigation is complete you will be provided with a comprehensive report that clearly outlines any issues and the evidence to support them, along with recommendations for action.

Having an outside expert look at your financial situation can help bring clarity to many situations.

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forensic accounting

Experienced forensic accountants

Uncover issues that may be harming your business

Clear and comprehensive reporting

Forensic Accounting can be used for a range of issues

Forensic Accounting can be used to deal with:



Disparities in financial statementsand financial reporting



Investigations of company fraud, or of employee fraud such as theft or problems with time sheets or expense claims


Sorting disputes

Such as disputes arising after acquisitions including tracing of assets or shareholder disputes

Think you have a problem?

The team at Fervor are experienced accountants and investigators and can investigate the red flags that are causing you concerns.

Let’s have a free half hour consultation to hear your concerns and what red flags you are identifying that may be damaging your business.

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Being a licensed insolvency practitioner, our dedicated team of experts have many years of experience helping businesses of all sizes get control of their financials and out of financial distress.

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We listen to your situation, with empathy and understanding to provide individual advice to you and your business. We treat all enquiries with dignity and respect.

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We know that this isn't a "one solution" industry. As such, we take an individual case approach to even the most complex of financial issues, to ensure we take the most appropriate course of action for you and your business.

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