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i am in, or nearing, financial distress
in my business


I want to ensure I never get into
financial problems in my business

Don’t wait until it’s too late – ensure your business is set up for success with our business health checklist.

Successful business owners recognise that regularly evaluating the performance of your business allows you to be proactive to changes in the marketplace.

Contact us for a free 30 min consult where we can run your thorough business health checklist which is more than a simple ‘check up’. We take an in-depth and independant look at the 7 pillars of business, evaluate, analyse and provide recommendations so you can know your business is doing the best it can be.

business health checklist

7 pillars of business
That we evaluate

All 7 pillars are intertwined and need to work well together.

Contact us today for a free 30 min consult where we can walk you through our business health checklist.

An understanding of process capabilities and moving beyond ‘best practice’ to ‘next practice’ through different orientations of innovation and learning.

People Management
The management of people within and outside the organisation. The creation and development of value through human capital.

The orientation, animation and integration of the people in the organisation, so their effort and understanding is aligned in the same direction as the organisation as a whole.

Moving away from informal systems that may have served the organisation well to formal systems through planning and reducing risk.

The characteristics of innovation, passion and learning ability required to lead people through the changes of the growth stage.

The need to move away from the owner as a source of funds to third parties, in order to provide the resources needed for growth.

The development of new customers, new products and new markets for market entry, through moving the product/service from invention to implementation.

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