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i am in, or nearing, financial distress
in my business


I want to ensure I never get into
financial problems in my business

Fervor works with businesses across NZ to help with company recovery strategies

If your business is facing insolvency in NZ or having financial difficulties, the team at Fervor may be able to assist before your situation becomes too bad.

A good company recovery plan begins with a thorough understanding of your current situation.

Fervor will begin by reviewing your business’ current financial position and your cashflow. Our team will assess your whole business and look at your current financial position. This review will highlight strengths of your business and also underlying issues that may be causing your difficulties.

If necessary Fervor can carry out forensic accounting to investigate loss of assets that might be harming your business.

Once your current position has been reviewed, our team will use the information to give you tailored recommendations for your next course of action. These solutions are not short-term stop gaps; they are long-term plans that will be effective and sustainable.

do you need our help?

Our Restructuring Services have aided in the recovery and strengthening of businesses across NZ.


Some things we evaluate are:

  • Do you have a viable business?
  • Do you need to change the amount of debt?
  • Do you need new lending?
  • Is there some costs you can cut?
  • What needs to change from the existing business state in order for the business to move forward and grow?

a restructure may save your business

We can make specific reccomendations about the structure of your business to help you move it forward to succees. Let’s have a free half an hour consultation to asses how our restructuring services can help recover and strengthen your business.

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Experienced team

Being a licensed insolvency practitioner, our dedicated team of experts have many years of experience helping businesses of all sizes get control of their financials and out of financial distress.

respect & empathy

We listen to your situation, with empathy and understanding to provide individual advice to you and your business. We treat all enquiries with dignity and respect.

individual plans

We know that this isn't a "one solution" industry. As such, we take an individual case approach to even the most complex of financial issues, to ensure we take the most appropriate course of action for you and your business.

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