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Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

If you are facing financial difficulties talk to us about a recovery plan that may avoid insolvency or liquidation, or let our team assist you through an insolvency administration.

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Facing insolvency or liquidation can be stressful, but we can help to make things a little bit easier. Our team can help to move you from an insolvent situation to a solvent position dealing with your creditors.

company restructuring

If your business is in trouble, a company recovery plan could rescue it before you are forced to close. Fervor can review your business and offer actionable solutions such as a Creditors’ Compromise which can avoid putting companies into liquidation.

forensic accounting analysis

In some cases, financial irregularities can be very difficult to uncover or prove. Fervor’s specialist forensic accounting service combines accounting and investigative skills to uncover issues such as employee fraud and disputes over loss of assets.

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business health check

We can do an independent analysis of your business, including the 7 pillars of business -  governance, strategy, systems, people management, finance management, operations and marketing - to provide you with honest and practical feedback.

Do you want to be sure your business is set up in the best way possible for future growth and success?



Overcome your financial challenges

With professional advice from a licensed insolvency practitioner

Fervor is a specialist advisory firm based on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington. We work with businesses facing insolvency and/or liquidation NZ wide.

From insolvency advice to business development to help your business grow, the team at Fervor are liscenced insolvency practitioners offering personalised and sound advice.

If you are facing insolvency and need advice or help with your company recovery, or you need help with forensic accounting to deal with an irregularity, get in touch with Fervor to benefit from our specialist knowledge.

Fervor offers a free 30 minute consultation for every client in order to fully understand your situation before moving forward.


When a business may experience financial distress, there maybe a good opportunity to restructure.  This is a review of existing costs, how revenue is generated or how debt may be structured in the business.  A review of this nature is to drive efficiencies and add value to the business. 


Help for companies with financial problems including creditor compromises.


Liquidation including voluntary liquidation; receiverships, personal insolvency and creditors compromise.


Assistance to take your business to the next level and encourage financial growth.


Bankruptcy is the general term used to undertake a process to clear debts. The term in New Zealand is reserved for individuals. The term for companies is liquidation. A personal bankruptcy is under taken by the Official Assignee and the process can be found here.

forensic accounting

Investigation and assistance in circumstances involving disputes over financial issues.

forensic investigations

This is the gathering of information, information analysis and investigations to either confirm or disprove evidence or symptoms observed represent a predication of fraud.

crisis management

Crisis Management is the application of business strategies to help an entity in financial distress. The key is to seek advice early, when you think there maybe a problem. It is at the early change of identified red flags that something is wrong that allows a number of options to be explored.  The longer it is left, the fewer options that will be available when you do take the step to take action. 


A liquidation of a company may be undertaken when the company is solvent and insolvent.  An insolvent liquidation must be undertaken by a licensed Insolvency Partitioner. The liquidation process in very general terms is to realise assets of the Company and then distribute those funds to creditors of the Company as set out in the Companies Act 1993.

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Experienced team

Being a licensed insolvency practitioner, our dedicated team of experts have many years of experience helping businesses of all sizes get control of their financials and out of financial distress.

respect & empathy

We listen to your situation, with empathy and understanding to provide individual advice to you and your business. We treat all enquiries with dignity and respect.

individual plans

We know that this isn't a "one solution" industry. As such, we take an individual case approach to even the most complex of financial issues, to ensure we take the most appropriate course of action for you and your business.

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